Mortgage With A Cause

Axe Capital Funding will give back 10% of its profits to 1 of 7 charities listed below.

We believe in giving back. Axe Capital Funding will give 10% of it’s profits to one of 7 charities we have selected. We believe in giving back to our communities and contributing to causes that can truly help people in need.  Inform your Loan Consultant prior to closing which cause you would like the proceeds to be given.

Why Do We Want To Give Back?

Our President & Founder lost his Father to Pancreatic Cancer in 2017. Paul Starrh lived a selfless life, helping his family and community as often as he could. He volunteered locally and abroad. He was an inspiration to those around him by helping family, friends and neighbors while battling Pancreatic Cancer. Nothing deterred him from being there for someone in need. Paul left his mark on his family & friends by giving back without ever asking for anything in return. Axe Capital Funding decided to dedicate the company to the spirit of Paul Starrh by helping and giving back to foundations, charities & causes that are currently helping so many people. Axe Capital Funding will donate 10% of it's profits to one of 7 charities we've selected by hand. See below for more info on each selected foundation, charity & cause and how to donate or get involved.

To Donate On Your Own or Learn More About Our Causes Click the Links Below

Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Jessie Rees Foundation NEGU
St. Jude Medical Research Hospital
World Vision
Homes For Our Troops